Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is there nething u can do for chapped lips besides chapstick, drinking water, and petroleum jelly?

My lips have been cracking and peeling with white, dead skin, but if i try to take the dead skin off it only reveals raw skin, and it hurts. The cracks don't bleed either, but look slightly orange-ish inside. I don't know what this means or is and i was looking for some help.Is there nething u can do for chapped lips besides chapstick, drinking water, and petroleum jelly?
2 ways to help--what you put in your body and what you put on your lips--

You can help moisturize your skin and lips by eating more nuts, avocado, taking vitamin e or eating flax seed oil (as salad dressing or crushed seeds sprinkled on yoghurt/cereal)--the essential fatty acids will help with the chapped lips. Also, try drinking more water, maybe your whole body is dehydrated a bit.

What you put on your lips--same thing go with EFA (essential fatty acids). Petroleum just sits on your lips and doesn't really sink in and moisturize. Go to any local health food store and see if you can find a non-petroleum lip balm. A great brand = The Merry Hempsters which has hemp seed oil in it--loaded with EFA's--put it on at night, it'll help keep your lips smooth! That brand I think has SPF 18, too.Is there nething u can do for chapped lips besides chapstick, drinking water, and petroleum jelly?
Try DCT. It comes in a little pink tub. I think Blistex makes it. You may have some kind of condition that a dermatologist could help you with. Good Luck.
carmax is the number one recommended for chapped lips according to readers digest. but it tastes and smells awful
Nutritional deficiencies such as B-complex vitamens and Iron can play a part in scaling of the lips. So make sure you're ok on that with a multivitamin daily. Also, as some have already said, Carmex.
I use rasberry Blistex and no problems.
Carmex.......but when I was in Florida like 20 yrs ago, they didn't know what it was as it's made in Franklin, WI (I live in WI too). THeir addy on the jar says ';Carma Lab, 5801 West Airways Ave, Franklin, WI 53132'; You might want to write them to obtain the carmex cuz it's awesome.
use carmex its great.
i had the same problem, well now they have hydating stuff that works so good.like that aquafina water highdration it's in walmart it's stuff for chaped and dry lips.not thick or waxy either. it's like lip balm
I would first find out what you are allergic to. This condition may be caused by an allergic reaction to something you are putting on your lips, to make it go away, or something you are eating. I had something in the corners of my lips, it turns out that I am allergic to anything with yeast in it. If it is something that you are allergic to, avoid it. Also, I should be the last person to say this, but keep any lip ointments to a minimum, because then it becomes like an addiction for your lips. I did use neosporin once and it did work, though. Hope this helps!!!
Neosporin has a new lip treatment out, that should work. Stop picking too that will also help speed healing!
Do not listen to all the guys on here cause I could imagine what they are gunna say to this one!. Chapstick and it will go away in a week or so!
I've read that eating tuna helps with chapped lips.

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