Saturday, December 26, 2009

How do I get pale lips?

I really like the look of the lip colors at the victoriasecret fashion show. I usually apply a light conceler then a shimmer pink color, but I'd like a lipstick that is pale enough to cover my very red natural lip color.

I used to wear this nude colored lipgloss from Kolhs in angel, but I think they stopped making it. Any drugstore colors?How do I get pale lips?
I really like the (drugstore brand) Revlon lipstick in Nude Attitude, it is pretty cheap, a beautiful, well known nude color, and with any sort of light pink gloss on top of that, it looks great!鈥?/a>

The picture on the site doesn't do the lipstick justice, so I would recommend for you to go see it at the drugstore, to be able to tell the real color of the lipstick.

Hope I helped %26amp; Good Luck!


EricaHow do I get pale lips?
Apply founation or concealer on your lips and let it dry, then use Bourjois Nude Lipgloss number 1. Thats what I use and my lips go pale.
Use a very chalky lip stick or gloss. I'd say the stick because it be more prominent and not messy or sticky.
put your regular foundation on lips after using lip liner and then put a clear or nude closs over that
revlon nude attitude is perfect :)
just go with any nude color
Use Nars lipstick in Belle De Jour

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