Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is it okay to rub, rubbing alcohol on your lips?

I have a friend that is ';germ sensitive'; and one way he cleans his lips is with rubbing alcohol. I personally think that this is a BAD idea but he won't listen. Is this harmful to him? And if so, what can I suggest for him to use as an alternative?Is it okay to rub, rubbing alcohol on your lips?
I don't know about lips but i do know that a little dab on the tip end of a wash cloth will clean your tongue. I have been using it for years to clean my tongue. Kills germs and stops bad breath. Most all the germs are inside the mouth. Using it just on the lips is pointless. Brush the teeth and clean the tongue that's all that's needed.Is it okay to rub, rubbing alcohol on your lips?
No , No, hell No. Why would anyone? It's not smart. Your lips happen to be the THINNEST skin on your body, and alcohol will transform them into some kind of dried out weirdlips. He'll be sorry when his lips are no longer normal. jeesh. the crap people do themselves blows me away.
Other than the severe drying effect that the alcohol will have on his lips, there is really no risk for ingestion of the alcohol or anything else harmful. That said, the drying could cause his lips to crack, which means his skin integrity is impaired. This leaves an opening for germs to enter his body. So really, he is not killing germs as much as he is creating a way for them to enter through the skin.

As for an alternative, there is really no need to kill germs on his lips. I wonder why he feels this need? As long as he is not putting dirty objects to his lips, kissing everyone he sees or touching his mouth with dirty hands, his lips shouldn't need a germ-killer.
wouldnt say its harmful, jsut dries his lips out badly
I would not recommend it because alcohol dries it out, however if he is using just a little and puts moisturizer on it or lip balm that would be OK. Lips should be moisturized and by placing alcohol on it consistently, it will dry them out and cause peeling.
this is the best way to dry out the fragile skin and open it up to infection. he needs to use something like Blistex or Chapstick.

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