Saturday, December 26, 2009

How to keep my lips moisturised?


I want to know how to keep my lips looking and feeling fresh.

I already do the old toothbrush and Vaseline trick.

Please help

Thanks :)How to keep my lips moisturised?
hi, i swear by a chapstick called neutrogena which also protects lips from drying as it has spf of 20. Don't use vaseline as it has petroleum and drys your lips, not good.How to keep my lips moisturised?
lip balm from the body shop stays on for a long time, its not sticky and gooey like lip gloss can be and it doesnt not work like some waxy chapsticks are.

before you put that on use lip scuff, its only like 10 bucks, it looks like a lipstick. it is a lip exfoliator. you put it on and rub your lips together for like 2 minutes, it gets rid of all of the dead skin and makes your lips feel unbelivably soft all day. it wont work unless you rub it all the way in or your lips feel sandy.

then put lip balm on and top coat it with a tiny dab of gloss to give it shine.
brushing your lips is actually really bad for the skin! it irratates it and causes it to plump, over doing this may actually take of the skin on the lips and it'll take a long time to heal!
lip balm does a great job. its the middle ground for lip gloss and those medicated lipcare things. it will keep your lips fresh and wont look like u dipped them in oil. and it comes in amazing flavours!
chapstick or lip gloss.... also Mary Kay has this lip buffer thing that gets all the dead skin off your lips and a gloss for after thats amazing
if your lips dont look nice after brushing them and using vaseline .. then u might as well cover them up all together with lipstick :)

or just lick them but not out in the cold
blistex works
theres thing called chap stick :)
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