Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is it weird for a guy to want sexy lips?

I have thin lips and i want sexy lips how do i get them?Is it weird for a guy to want sexy lips?
It isn't weird. What I have done is try to make a pouting face. I think it has helped. And you can practice doing it any time.Is it weird for a guy to want sexy lips?
i like a guy with nice lips. thin lips aren't that good for kissing or doing other things with them... ;-). see a dermatologist about getting your lips plumped. :D
women get sexy everything so why cant you. go for it . but be careful talk to a well established Dr. professional.
na it ain't wierd but idk how u get them
Nahh its not weird, but nothing like jay z's lips...thats a no no its a turn off. Just a lil bit, I honestly dont know how you might get them besides BOTOX and injections but when you do get them ....

Call me a, lol 鈾?=)
i think that big huge lips are ugly... but i dont like little tiny thin lips either... just dont go to big!

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