Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to treat blistered sunburned lips?

I was out at the beach all day Thursday and got sunburned pretty bad. Yesterday my lips started chapping and getting all blistered. Today the top lips is swollen. I have several things to treat cold sores and sunburns and stuff but I don't know how to to treat it. How do I?

ThanksHow to treat blistered sunburned lips?
that is EXACTLY wat happened 2 my brother. he could barely open hi mouth! we took him 2 the doctor and they gave him some sort of cream thing and it went away in 2 days.How to treat blistered sunburned lips?
That happened to me on the beach too. I also forgot to put suntan lotion on my face and got blistered .

Im to lazy to think so I got this.

Do not lick your lips. It will take the natural oils from around your mouth and you will end up with a rash. Apply a balm instead.While outside, coat your lips with lip balm several times during the day. Reapply when you wipe your lips or drink or eat.Carmex is great for the lips. It contains beeswax which is an old fashioned, but still effective remedy.Applying a zinc product before sleep is a good way to protect your lips against nighttime damage associated with salivation during sleep.

Put sunscreen on your lips. This will protect against chapping and skin cancer.

Drink tons of water. Moisturizing from the inside out is important, especially in winter.

Keeping a humidifier handy is an idea in very dry environments.

Wear lipstick. It helps protect against skin cancer as well as moisturizing the lips.%26lt;%26lt;%26lt; lol'd

Use petroleum based products on the lips to moisturize and protect.

Yeah... owo
Here are two main sunburns types - the first degree and the second degree. Seems like you are suffering with second degree sunburn, which is also known as blistering sunburns. Here are 6 most effective burning tips to treat sunburns.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>
Okay, I had lips so chapped once hey bled and I used Vaseline on them and the next day they were fine. Just reapply is as soon as you feel it wearing off and rub your lips together a lot.

Good luck

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