Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why do babies smack their lips when their hungy?

I am the proud mother of preemie twin girls. They are actually 5 months, but only 2.5 months corrected age. Recently they both have started smacking when they are hungry, even looks sometimes like their licking their lips. They also cry terribly when I take their bottles away to try to burp them. Could this be a sign to start solids? By what I've read, they should be sitting up, but they're preemies, they probably won't do that for another few months.Why do babies smack their lips when their hungy?
For a preemie you have to go by their corrected age. So they are only 2.5 months old. So definitely not supposed to be sitting up, starting solids or anything like that!

Sucking their lips, hands, or anything else they can is normal for all babies when they are hungry! My daughter does the same thing when I take her bottle away, its like how dare you! lol.


I really don't recommend starting solids. We tried solids with my little girl a few weeks ago, but I stopped because I don't feel she is ready for it. It was recommended by her pediatrician which is the only reason we introduced them in the first place. She is not sitting up yet either.Why do babies smack their lips when their hungy?
If they are 5 months old then I think you can start solids, my baby was 4 months old when I did. They cry because they are stillhungry, they smack their lips because that is a way to communicating to you that they are hungry.
give them more milk

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