Saturday, December 26, 2009

How do you get chapped lips?

why do lips become chapped? And why does putting chpstick on them help?

Mom, bro and I always have chap stick with us and can't stand having chapped lips...but why doesn't Dad care at all? Once you start putting chapstick on are you adicted?How do you get chapped lips?
I have been addicted to chapstick since I was 12. I am now 24. It happened at this time of year. I went skiing, and my lips kept drying out. I, in turn, kept wetting them. (plus i got a sun burn). I went home, and, Wha La, I had chapped lips. It hurt so bad and I hated it so much. I bought chapstick and put it on continuously for days, and cleared it up super fast.

guys don't give a darn about this. I don't know why. but it makes their lips unkissable.How do you get chapped lips?
huh??.....are we there yet???
Some peoples lips don't have enough moistere in it.

For those who do. .

alright. I'm gonna put this in a different point of view. . .pretend it's opposite day:

Don't moisterize your lips. It's just totally stupid. you can't buy it anywhere. Remember that.
I think it is because of damage... from cold, wind... it could be from chemical or soap that make them dry, it could be from some infection.
You need to drink more water, And take vitamin e.

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