Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to plump lips at home?

Does anyone know any home remedies or ways to plump your lips at home without buying a product?

Oh yeah, and I'm not stupid enough to hit my face in a wall or stick my head in a beehive or do anything that involves me getting hit in the mouth so don't say that cuz that's not very helpful.....How to plump lips at home?
For a fraction of the cost, you can receive the same benefits with the following “recipe” for a lip plumper. So get out your teaspoons and measuring cups…lets make some cosmetics!


* Small jar with lid

* Vaseline

* Bee’s wax or Chapstick

* Ground Ginger

* Ground Cayenne or Red Pepper

* Peppermint Extract

Take about a teaspoon of Vaseline and mix it with half a teaspoon of bee’s wax (or use two tubes of Chapstick). Start with small amounts and mix the ginger and cayenne. These products will cause a stinging sensation but really helps with the plumping affect. Add one to two drops of the Peppermint Extract. The peppermint gives the gloss a cool and fresh flavor. But don’t use too much!

Keeping this product fresh will be a factor but with the right purchase of the small jar, you should be fine.How to plump lips at home?
most things in the market have cinimon oil in them, thats the main ingredient, so try that, i think they sell it at sepcialty food stores
Lip Fushion...sold online or at sephora...it's the best one on the market! And it's about $38! It's definately awesome tho!
stick them kissers in a vaccume =D
just be yourself, why be something you're not?

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