Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How can i exfoliate my lips?

My lips are always cracked and i have tried everything from chapstick, you name it. thanks for you response.How can i exfoliate my lips?
Yes, brush your lips when you are brushing your teeth.How can i exfoliate my lips?
Neosporin Lip Treatment
I once got something called SATIN LIPS from Mary Kay. OH MY GOSH was that some awesome stuff. I would use that to exfoliate the dead skin, and then use a little light coat of petrolium jelly (i.e. vaseline) at night when going to bed. Worked wonders.
i like to run a terry-cloth towel over them when i get out of the shower. it works great
Take an old toothbrush and dip it in a little vaseline. Gently rub it on your lips. Do this not more than once a day.

If your lips are really really really bad, get some Glycerin from the drugstore. It's just a clear liquid. Take very little on your fingers, then work it into your lips. You don't want to lick this, because it tastes really nasty. Wait about 2-3 minutes with Glycerin on your lips, then rinse it off. Don't do this more than once a day. You will get really quick results.

Use Victoria's Secret chapstick.
If you mix orange juice and brown sugar together, that makes a great lip exfoliator. The citrus in the orange juice softens the skin and the sugar helps take the dead skin off. It's great.

Also, you can brush your lips at the same time you brush your teeth. There are also products out there that you can buy to exfoliate.
put some vaseline on ur lips, wait 5 minutes then use a toothbrush (not the same on u use on ur teeth, gross) and just brush them for about 5 minutes then rinnce, then apply a chap stick or mor vaseline, makes ur lips look healthy but alos gives u a sexy pout all day
Lots and lots of Vaseline, and one thing I do (it works for me) is to scrub a little with my toothbrush at night - this removes all the dead skin so your lips might sting a little bit, but then smother on Vaseline, go to bed and in the morning they should be silky smooth!
don't exfoliate them. Buy vaseline or a strong vitamin E cream no less than 2000iu vitamin E and put on your lips before you go to bed and in the morning.

you should be fine. For better results use the vaseline and the E together

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