Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to treat sun burned lips?

Okay, yesterday at school we spent the whole day outside and it was really sunny. I only put lip gloss on in the morning, so I didn't think it would stay on for that long. Now I think my lips are sun burned because they are red, puffy, and stingy. How should I treat them? I have been running cold water over my lips because that is what feels the best.How to treat sun burned lips?
Once when my lips got burnt I was waitressing and had nothing to put on them and one of the cooks suggested Olive Oil. I put some on my lips and it was very soothing and I even continued when I got home.

It doesn't have any scent and some of the lip stuff has menthol which will make the burning sensation feel worse. I thought it worked pretty good.How to treat sun burned lips?
The wife and I have been loyal users of ';Blistex Lip Medex'; in the blue container. Hope this helps.
i would try CAMAX chapstick because it has repairing lotions in it for your lips
lip balm- a repair one
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