Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is the country ready for a president with purple lips?

Barrack Obama has purple lips.

Has he been eating popcicles?

Do you think his purple lips jeopardise national security?

What's really going on with those purple lips of his?Is the country ready for a president with purple lips?
Maybe he's from Pluto.Is the country ready for a president with purple lips?
The melanin content in african american skin causes some people's lips to be colored differently. GET A LIFE DUMBASSES. Report Abuse

Barrack O' Bama is the first irishman i have seen with purple lips. Most have RED noses
I don't get it. I thought his lips were more mauve than purple.

But that has nothing to do with his ability to be the president! I don't care what his lips look like, I just want America as a whole to have a leader to guide us to better directions than it is now! I don't care if he is democrat, republican, protestant, baptist, green hair, or cockle eyed!
I'd rather have a president with purple lips than to have one with lying lips like Hillary's!
Ummm, who cares what the person look like! It all depends on what he wants to do for the USA and how to make it better.
Barak is not going to be president. I believe it will be a republican. The dems are totally clueless on how to fight war on terror.
he would hardly be the first drunk in office.
Yeah i am ready if Hillary's got purple lipstick....
Well if we are going to criticize on someone bc they eat popcicles, then let's talk about Bush, who didn't finish the 5th Grade.

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