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If michael jackson dyed his skin because of a disease why did he thin out his lips and get a nose job?

ok i have nothing against michael jackson but i've always wondered about that.If michael jackson dyed his skin because of a disease why did he thin out his lips and get a nose job?
if your parents called you big nose everyday for a couple of years and they made you believe you were ugly, wouldn't you get surgery too?If michael jackson dyed his skin because of a disease why did he thin out his lips and get a nose job?

Firstly he used make up to cover the patches of vitiligo, not dying his skin.

Usually vitiligo begins around the hands (Notice his glove) and usually around the mouth (Result of his surgical masks)

Secondly The thinning lips thing i have heard, but i'm sure its just another tabloid and rumor on the media. ( Note that the media feeds of negative information and poor Michael was a victim of that)

Thirdly, Michael Jackson had a very difficult childhood, more would say he never really had one or got to experience one. His father abused him the most and would tease him about his nose and call him '; Big nose ';. You should take a listen to his song '; Have you seen my childhood '; its a very sad song but really speaks about how MJ himself felt.

It's ok that your wondering about all these things. Just please remember dont always listen to what you hear, read or see because people lie, the media lies just to get the negative sides of things. People dont want to hear the good things in this world they love to hear the bad.

Michael Jackson was just a poor victim and i believe society killed him.

God Bless him he was a great man and people just took advantage of him and his kindness, there will be no other he was the King Of Music And a Never forgetful legend!
Here are some of the many theories that I've heard from when I was little 'til now:

*The first nose job was because he was self conscious because his people, mainly his father, teased Michael about his nose. (I personally think he looked mighty fine in the Thriller age!)

*I think the second one was because he fell in a rehearsal and broke it.

*I just thought of this, but maybe he was tying to look like how he invisioned Peter Pan? Just a thought.

*The whole family got nose jobs because they simply didn't like their noses.

*Celebrity is all about image.

*He was emulating a female friend's face.

*I don't think he wanted to look white- he was just a little insecure.

*As a perfectionist and artist, he sees something and sculpts it. (Lisa Marie Pesly said that in a Diane Sawyer interview)

*Vitiligo makes you look a little different.

*He just lost a little weight.

*And Michael's type of lupus eats away at the skin. And it happened to attack his nose.

Edit:*I also heard that Michael lightened his skin because it was too dificult deally with the patches of vitiligo, and that the majority of his skin was pigmentless.

*His lips were always thin. They did seem slightly thicker later on, but not totally botox-y.

Michael denied having anything but 2 nose jobs in the ';Living with Michael Jackson- Take Two'; interviews (it is his business, and self images is probably something he didn't like to talk about).

But from pictures it looks like Michael may have gotten chin cleft implants, his lips plumped, and some skin around his eyes removed (for rickles).

But Michael was simply getting older, so he'd naturally look different.
he had surgery on his nose when he broke it the first time but he didn't thin out his lips. he always had thin lips. i find it very racist how people ignorantly assume he wanted to ';look white.'; why would he or anyone else for that matter, want to look ';white'; as opposed to black, asian, etc? He even said he was a ';proud black american'; and to assume that anyone would want to look white if they're not is a racist assumption, in my opinion.
he never dyed his skin! he had a rare skin disease called ';vitiligo';...but he had to even it out somehow, but the main part is, he didnt dye it to make himself white! he had vitiligo like i said before, and he thinned his lips and got a nose job because he was abused and made fun of as a kid! so i guess he didnt start to like the way he looked sometimes.
From what I can tell from numerous interviews of him when he was a kid, he seemed very insecure. The first nose job was probably because he was told his nose was big, the other ones though, I'm not really sure. As for his lips, he always had thin lips. If you look at him during the Thriller era and earlier eras, you'll see he never had thick, big lips. It just looks like he put lipstick on when he was older.
1st of all

he didn't dye his skin

he had a disease called vitligo and

he had makeup to even out

the color of his skin

2nd of all

his lips have not been thined out

or wutever ur saying

he didn't do anything to his lips

3rd of all

he got the 1st nose job

because he had an accident

on stage and broke his nose

the other nose job

he did so he could hit higher notes

and it helped him breath better also

4th of all

aparently u've been woundering the

wrong things and u need to get ur facts

straight b4 getting dissed on Y!A...!!


I think i deserve BEST ANSWER...!!
Michael had a lot of mental issues that came from a very very abusive childhood...both physically and mentally.

there are a lot of reasons for all the plastic surgery

he was constantly told he was ugly when he was a kid...

didn't want to look like his father...

Michael didn't see himself the way we saw him.

It is very similar to the way someone who is anorexic always seem themselves as fat....
I have always thought he was trying to pattern himself after someone else and my guess was Elizabeth Taylor, who was a very good friend of his. He had a real self esteem problem, hated how he looked, and I think wanted to change everything about himself. Some think he was trying to look like his friend Diana.
Because he did not receive the love and acceptance he should have from his family as a child. He might be having some emotional dilemmas. We should just give him the respect he deserves. As a tribute, i made a medley of his songs.
Because his father was pushing him so hard as a child and he found him abusive, micheal didn't want to look like him. He had his father's nose and wanted to get rid of it. the lips things was to be more white.
actually, he DID do things to his lips. look at a time line of his life and all his surgeries, the guy was a nut job and a half.
I'm not sure about his lips I don't think he ever had big lips in the first place. And he got a nose Job the first time because he wasn't happy with how it looked. and he broke his nose the second time.
he never did anything with his lips so i dont know where you got that information he had a nose job because he was insecure with his nose due to his father
his dad teased him about his nose.

he had vitiligo.
Because he wanted to look white. Notice how dark the rest of the family is.
His father called him ugly and ';big nose'; as a kid.
his dad made fun of him when he was little

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