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Why kissing on the lips are considered more vulgar than kissing on the cheeks?

plz help me i m confused if kissing on the lips is smthng private why dont everyone cover up their lips as they cover up breasts ?Why kissing on the lips are considered more vulgar than kissing on the cheeks?
Any one can just flash their boobs..but when yu kiss someone like really kiss someone it is very passionate..i don't think that it is vulger but i think a kiss is something meaningful between yu and yur partner something that should be shared and it is something that can or cant be private what ever you prefure. when you kiss someone on the cheek it is less meaningful because when ever people say hello to people they usually give a quick on the cheek. so a kiss on the lips is something special that you do with one you love or at least like. hope i helped a little..angieWhy kissing on the lips are considered more vulgar than kissing on the cheeks?
Neither is vulgar, it depends on people's culture, exposure and upbringing.

In the west lipkissing in public is like nothing to them since most people in the west are more liberated and open minded, whereas in the east and other parts of the worlds people are more conservative and more closed quarters and consider lipkissing in public as vulgar.

Also, many oldtimers consider lipkissing in public as vulgar due to their upbringing and exposure.
kissing on the lips is performed by two and ONLY two in the act of lovemaking. kissing on the cheeks is an expression of love and care.kiss on the lips is the first page of a novel and best seller.without finishing the novel fully you will not leave it.Now, you can understand the difference.

about covering some and not covering lips makes your notorious concern. I wonder what will be task for the lover boy or husbands undergo with that cover. good idea try it now.
All depends on context.

Where i live, kissing on the lips is not vulgar but a more intimate thing between people.

However, you can kiss someone without there existing sexual connotations. Naked breasts however, are very rarely uncovered without an intended sexual purpose.
Kissing on he lips is much more personalised contact.U do get a personalised feeling when mouth kissed %26amp; when kissed on cheeeks u feel it is normal.Mouth kis takes place when u kiss ur wife, gfriend,or personal.But when u kiss ur parents , brother, sister etc. u do it on the cheeks.Also feelings r aroused when kissed on lips.
It's not that lips are private. It's that kissing on the lips is considered more personal than on the cheek. Honestly, it's not vulgar when someone kisses another on the ips, it's those who choose to makeout in public like ';wrestling eels'; (thanks J.K. Rowling) that it becomes ridiculous or innappropriate.
Lip contact is romantically intimate.

There is the potential of exchanging body fluid. STD's and other potentially infectious agents can be transferred via contact with lips.

It is not necessary to wear a mask. Just remember to use cheek contact rather than lips. The mouth is a potential incubator for bacteria and germs. Away from mucous membranes many bacteria will become inactive.
I don't happen to think kissing on the lips is vulgar even in public. Maybe tongue kissing excessively is vulgar but DEFINITELY not a smooch on the lips.

A kiss on the cheek is considered less personal not less vulgar
Kissing on the lips is more personal and something only done if both people want to kiss on the lips. If you aren't sure its polite and the right thing to just kiss on the cheek to avoid embarrassment or a bad result.
because lips are a part of your mouth. your mouth is a hole in your face, which if something bad goes into it, you can get very sick. most people only want people's mouths touching their's if they can trust them.
Because you can taste/smell people when you are kissed on the lips.
It is not vulgar.

You need not worry or scratch your head about somebody's opinion.

Well... I've been scarred by watching people do full on make out sessions.. %26gt;.%26gt; ask my bf I hate that **** now lol

cheek kisses are cute :)

the tounge **** makes me wanna gauge my eyes out!

but simple pecks are nice too
I think it has to do more with the passing of bodily fluids (i.e. spit) in kissing on the mouth, rather than the lips themselves.
Neither of these are vulgar.
I've never heard it. No, one wants to see any ones tongue in someone else mouth! Yuck
it would make breathing and eating quite hard

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