Monday, December 14, 2009

Can lipstick cause your lips to change size?

I used Mary Kay lipstick (Downtown Brown shade) and my boyfriend told me that my already full lips were huge. Anyone else experienced this?Can lipstick cause your lips to change size?
My mom works as a consultant in Mary Kay. So I know how to answer this.

Obviously this shade is a good shade that works with your complexion, and because of this fact it has drawn the eye to the lips, making them seem larger. Because when the eyes are drawn to something the 'something' is made to seem like the main-frame or the best feature.

If you like your result, don't change a thing. If you would like them to stand out maybe not-as-much, then try using a softer shade and find something else you want that special someone to look at, and accentuate that feature.Can lipstick cause your lips to change size?
There are a lot of lip plumping products that claim to make your lips bigger. Most of these contain a chemical called capsicum, which is found in peppers, which causes blood to rush to your lips. This then makes them larger. They normally result in a tingly sensation as well as a nice shiny coating because most are lip glosses. I have used some of them and the one that really makes my lips plumper is Colorfill lip plumper. Sally Hansen products are okay but you just have to find one that works for you. And these products don't actually plump your lips that noticeably, but that do feel cool! Also, some colors can make your lips the focal point of your face and that can be deceptive. I've looked at the particular lipstick you mentioned and it doesn't seem to have any lip plumping ingredients so it wouldn't do it that way. It is a darker shade so maybe it is that it made your lips stand out more. Anyways, Hope This Helps!

Theirs certain lipstick that makes your lips look fuller (lip plumper)

Also, if you apply lipstick on your lips and a little bit over on the top and bottom of your mouth (not lips underneath) it will make it look like your lips got bigger but really they didn't

another option could be because of the color of the lipstick would be a possibility

or your allergic
Lip products can make lips APPEAR larger, either due to the colour of the product or the shine of the product. It gives the illusion of fuller lips.

Otherwise, lip products containing ';plumping'; ingredients can temporarily sting the lips, causing them to swell and appear fuller.
nah, maybe u have a reactiion to it or maybe u have a kind that is made to make ur lips bigger i have no idk i dont use that kind of stuff lol
i dont think so but There is this amazing youtube makeup guru named tanya

search makemeuppp on youtube. she just did a video on an easy way to get pouty big lips. :) shes gorgeous!
Lipstick can't make them change size but it can make it look like your lips are bigger because it looks good on you so it pops
I have and use Mary Kay lipstick and that's never happened to me. Maybe the color just makes your lips look larger. Colors can make things look large and small.
It might because the lipstick makes your lips seem fuller because of the shade.
No. You must be allergic! Call the info number on the bottle and ask about it. If they say they don't change size call your allergy specialist.
It might mean your are allergic and your lips are swollen.
No. They sell ';plumping'; lipstick, but that just makes your lips swell a bit , and it's temporary.
what? no i don't think so. answer mine plzzzzzzzzz.;…
Umm no it can make you lips look bigger.
As long as the lipstick does not read ';Plumper'; on it.
Haven't. Sorry. Maybe you have an allergic reaction, unless having bigger lips is a nice thing for you
Are you serious?.... no.
no sorry try botox
only lying does
maybe if it has some sort of collagen in it?idk
not that i know of
i doubt it..

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