Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why do I keep randomly getting fat lips?

For some reason, I keep randomly getting fat lips. A few nights ago, I got one in the off center of my bottom lip. It got really swollen but went down in about a day. Today I got one all the way to the left on my bottom lip, and it's HUGE! What's going on?? It's not like I'm clumsy and knocked it into anything or got in a fight lol Could it be an ulcer or something?Why do I keep randomly getting fat lips?
I think you might be transforming into Angelina Jolie.Why do I keep randomly getting fat lips?
This is in Women's Health, so I'm thinking you mean your ';lower'; set of lips...

If your vulva is really swelling up like you're saying, you need to get to your doctor immediately. It sounds like you are having some sort of allergic reaction (or possibly even some nasty STD)!
You are having an allergic reaction to something. My nephew is allergic to Kiwi fruit and he has the exact same reaction. See your doctor and he may refer you to an Allergist.

Good luck!!

And to the person who thought you said Vulva....are you dislexic?? I'm sure there is a discussion group on here for you!!!
you could be allergic to something you ate??
uh ooh. maybe u are allergic to somethin:(

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