Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Whats the best chap stick for your lips?

Well, It's just a habbit a lot of people have. Some are nail bitters but I'm always biting mine. My bottom lip is always chappy because I bite them. Why? I do it when I'm either nervous or I just do it for a habbit. And my mother tried to help by smacking my hand every time I bit them. But where should I get my chap stick? Is there any way I can stop?Whats the best chap stick for your lips?
I have the same problem biting my bottom lip.

I use burts bees chapstick.

It's like 3 bucks for a tube and it works so well.

It's the only chap stick I will use.

It's soothing on your lips, and it helps with healing too.

:)Whats the best chap stick for your lips?
I really like Burt's Bees chapstick, the honey formula is very moisturizing.

As for breaking the habit, I'd suggest doing something other than having your mother slap your hand...maybe you could chew gum instead, so that when you get nervous, you dig your teeth into that instead of your lip.

It's just something you have to think about, when you catch yourself doing it, stop. It'll take a while, habits can be hard to break.
one thing ive heard people try are buying a chapstick that taste horrible so you will get out of the habbit

%26amp; the only chapstick /lipglass that works for me is the kind from bath %26amp; body but its kinda expensive $8

hope i helped (:
i put vaseline on my lips every night before bed.

this works great. i dont even need/wear chapstick.
Carmex works the best! Burt's bees smells bad.
Burts Bees or Soft Lips..the vanilla smells/tastes so good :)
burts bees or chapstik brands are perfect for your condition. lipstick works well to.

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