Monday, December 14, 2009

WHat would happen if you put nail polish remover on your lips?

Dont ask why.... I have a reason because im considering it. So lets say i dip a q-tip in some nail polish remover and put it over my lips, what would happen?WHat would happen if you put nail polish remover on your lips?
It will probably burn or sting a little and taste quite horrible. But, if you don't saturate your lips in the nail polish remover, it shouldn't cause any permanent damage. Make sure you don't ingest any though! You should also scrub your lips/mouth area with soap and water once you are done to make sure that the remover is gone. Also, make sure it is a non-acetone remover. This will keep it a little more safe and it shouldn't burn as much. Be sure to use a great moisturizing chap stick afterward.

Good luck removing whatever it is!WHat would happen if you put nail polish remover on your lips?
I'm guessing you confused your nail polish for your lipgloss? It depends on what kind of nail polish remover you have, but it's def. not a good idea to put it anywhere near your eyes/mouth because it's strong enough to take off polish, it might be strong enough to make you sick or poison you. If you really have to, just make sure you use a q-tip and put a very SMALL amount and make sure you get rid of whatever is on your lips and wash after immediately. Don't lick your lips or swallow anything!
haha i have done this before. just to see what happened. it stung. i dont think there is much detrimental harm, but for some reason your lips must be really porous because it always stings.

do it if you wanna. your not going to die and its not going to do your lips any harm. it will just hurt.
it would probably sting. probably wouldn't hurt you, unless you like soaked your entire lip in it for a day.

if you're trying to like... hurt yourself, don't. Especially this way.. wtf lol.
it would probably burn like h3ll and your lips would be super dry. i wouldnt recomend it but whatever

good luck



please answer my most recent asked question
um why would you do that?! but probably nothing, just make sure you dont swallow any like when you like your lips, make sure you wipe your lips off when your done.
Dry your lips up*!

*Good Luck*
bleach the hair on your lip
I'd buy the type with no acetone. Acetone is nasty.
your lips will burn up and disintegrate
apply it and see
They might burn....idk??

Don't try it though!
taste like sh!t and burn.

why not just use mouth wash?

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