Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What products can I use to make my lips look paler?

Having skin-coloured lips is quite popular at the moment and I really like the look, but at the moment the only way I can achieve it is to put foundation (dream matte mousse) on my lips and though it looks good for an hour or so, it gets really dry and cracked after a while. Is there a product or method that I can use so that it wil last longer and still look really nice?

Thanks :)What products can I use to make my lips look paler?
A girlfriend of mine used a cover up stick which may be a little bit more moisturizing. You may want to try that or stop by a make-up counter in a nice department store and they may help. Last thought, you may want to consult a make-up book to see if they address your problem. I know Kevin Aucoin has a great one.

Good luck!What products can I use to make my lips look paler?
moisturize your lips before you put it on
Try mixing liquid foundation with clear thick gloss in a container until they become well-blended. That's what I did, it works great!
moisterise ur lips then add concealer on top, and there are plenty of lipsticks that are in nude or a pale pink shade. i love to use rimmel's lasting colour in ';frost'; its a light gold that gives metallic nude lips without any concealer underneath.. but the concealer will help make a pale base shade.

when choosing lip sticks (lasts longer than gloss) choose ones that has a longer lasting power.
lipliner - Shu Uemura nude lipliner

lipstick - Shu Uemura nude lipstick

or mix stuff with the fundation like lip gloss?
some products that will probably work is either go natural no lip make up or a natural shade of lipstick i am pretty sure clinique has some good colors.

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