Thursday, December 17, 2009

What do girls think about big lips on a guy?

Hey Girls.

I'm a guy with rather large and prominent lips. They really do not suit my face and they look quite ugly I'd assume.

They really are pretty hideous and I feel they're lowering my chances.

I'm pretty confident about my looks, appearance and personality otherwise.

What do girls think about this situation?

Is there anything I can do to get around this issue?

Thanks for your answers :)What do girls think about big lips on a guy?
maybe you can get de-botoxed or something or just accept yourself as you are. If a girl likes you, it probably won't be a problem. I never liked my nose, but I dated and married so different strokes for different folks, eh?What do girls think about big lips on a guy?
ii think guysz wit big lipsz lOOk smexyyy!

hehehe xD
THey make better kissers

Look its whats in the heart that really matters.

google him

are they like that?
Big lips on most guys, works to their advantage... look at Jay Z he is quite sexy, and he got beyonce.

As long as your confident, and look after them like keep them are completely fine, and i bet ur sexy ;)
if you say you're pretty confident in your looks, why are you asking this question?

either way, you have one of two choices:

1) live with it like you've been doing since you were born

2) get plastic surgery
I think they're sexy as hell in all honesty.
omg big lips are sexy !! my bf has big lipss andd i love them %26lt;3

don't think they're hideouss. show then off :D
well if someone trully loves u, they wont care how big ur lips r. big lips r good wiht kissing too.
Big lips are cute :P
attractive as long as it doesn't look too girly
i dont really care for lips in general, or have a strong feeling against them.

but i'm sure stressing over it is probably attracting more attention to them then not, so try not to worry about it, and let em know, they get the whole package.

be proud of what you can bring to any type of relatinship
i think its sexy, its like having ur own angelina jolie lol
Oh my god, its alive!

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