Monday, December 14, 2009

What color eye makeup looks the best with bright red lips?

Post pics if you canWhat color eye makeup looks the best with bright red lips?
I found a few pics: :She's wearing golden colored eyeshadow color eye makeup looks the best with bright red lips?
something more neutral.. just make sure it is more subtle than lips. you dont want to overpower lips and eyes at the same time. one or the other, otherwise make up becomes too much of the focus on your face. you want people to notice you, not your makeup. if you up play one dramatically you have to make the other subtle. if you want pics, type in the words ';red lips'; in the search area under images. you can look for yourself tons of pics and decide for yourself
you gotta make it seem cool, and red lips, lets see....

just outline your lips with maroon lip liner

and apply a bit of pinkish blush

then for your eyes,

apply mascara, apply a red and black mix coating, then rub a shiny layer of golden on top of this makeup and outline your eyes with black,

stretch the outliner till, lets say 1 cm, that would look cool !

only if it is for party !
you are definatly safest with a smokey look of black and grey, if you make the lips prominent mak sure tone down the rest;imgrefurl=;usg=__rniktvvbeBs9mW0cRLxW2n_AMCY=%26amp;h=320%26amp;w=320%26amp;sz=25%26amp;hl=en%26amp;start=7%26amp;sig2=6h79-BFi_lfclPqc2yEB8g%26amp;um=1%26amp;tbnid=vupjwN_ixzDE-M:%26amp;tbnh=118%26amp;tbnw=118%26amp;ei=gJ0qSYqPFqXqeZPs1dIC%26amp;prev=/ the makeup

when you wear the red's very important that you don't over do your eyes...keep it simple at the top...b/c red is such a dramatic don't want to look clownish....when you have bold eyes you want to have a sutle lip color....remember keep the top simple when the bottom is is loud!...cute but loud
this is the best eye makeup for bright red lips

look at the pic鈥?/a>
Blue, grey, sea green鈥?/a>
bright red means you're stressing your lips - so get a decent, nude, not so bright eye make up.

light green might work, browns and sand shades and gold work.
anything that looks natural, but put mascara and light blush.

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