Thursday, December 17, 2009

What can I do about chapped lips?

Ever since I was little, my lips have always gotten chapped easily. I drink nothing but water and plenty of it. I even have a humidifier running all day. And still, they're chapped. I try not to use chap stick unless it gets really bad, because I don't want to become dependent on it. I just don't want them to get chapped in the first place! What else can I do?What can I do about chapped lips?
Keep applying lip balm and make sure it is a good make. Go and ask your doctor or pharmacist in what you could do and what they would recommend.What can I do about chapped lips?
you have to use balmex, it is the best kind, and dont worry about getting dependent on it if ur lips really need it! balmex is pretty much the way to go.

1) Lip Exfoliation: Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to slowly brush your lips. This will help remove the dead skin on your lips and renew it. Even experts suggest this method for it can also remove the bacteria on our lips.

2) Lip balm/gloss with VIT. E- use it overnight to moisturize your lips. Vit. E is good for lips' skin also. There's nothing wrong of getting dependent with lip moisturizers because in a long run, your lips will get healed and will soon need only minimal amount of it.

3) If you wish to wear lipstick, always stick with the one that has moisturizer to it.

Believe me, I used to have the same problem as yours and this worked for me. Good luck!
Kiss a cow on its behind! doesnt cure the chapped lips...but it stops you licking them!!
I know you said no to chap stick but Burts Bees chapstick(if you have it where you are) works wonders! If you heal your lips, maybe they will stay healed. But if you let them be chapped and never heal it, How is it going to get better? Burtts Bees also comes in lip shimmer, balm, chapstick, but all types are good for you and is not tested on animals!
if you use carmex it helps heal chapped lips. I had an issue with chapped lips i use carmex for about 2 months and my lips dont get chapped as often as they use to.
I had the same problem. The only thing that works for me is Neosporin's Lip Treatment. It's pricier than other lib balms, but it is definitely worth it. Also, do you take acne medication? If so, know that many of them dry your skin, which does a number on your lips!
um... put chapstick on them? seriously.......
i use chapstick . plainold cherry works great!
You have to try Satin Lips from Mary Kay. This is a two step product that exfoliates and moisturizers your lips. It's on sale through December 15th for only $16.00 and there are no shipping charges.

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a natural treatment,use lemon juice or beetroot juice on ur lips when u r at ur home,use twice a day it always works for me,best of luck
You really dont have choices about daily application of lip balm.Lots of pure water and lip balm daily. A good lip balm is important. As is real pure water.

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