Thursday, December 17, 2009

How do u make ure eyes and lips appear bigger?

i want my eyes to look bigger and same as my lips, i noe u can get lip plumpers but for ure eyes how can u make them appear large and doll like?How do u make ure eyes and lips appear bigger?
use thick eyeliner like so:鈥?/a>

and lips鈥?/a>

how to:鈥?/a>How do u make ure eyes and lips appear bigger?
If you use a brow lifting pencil under your brow. It's like a whitish type of pencil it lifts your brow it make your eyes stand out more and appear bigger. Also you can use along with that a eye brightener pencil. It's a shimmerish shade place on the inner and outer creases of your eye. It will make them appear more awake.

As for lips if you line them with a shade darker your usual lipgloss/lipstick it gives the appearance of them looking bigger. You can also try various lip plumper glosses. The makeup brand Too Faced sold at Sephora has a good one that actually works. It stings a little bit though.
limp plumpers :D and then... chapstickk.. or like really bright lipstick/lipgloss or really lighttt lipstick/lipgloss depending on ur complextion of ur skin and what works/looks better on u! :D

and.. for ur eyes, use eyeliner, and eyemakeup..very light eye makeup if ur going for a casual look :D

good luck :D
I don't know if this is the look you want to go for:

but in this picture, it looks like the eyelashes and lower lid lashes are are accentuated. also try a thick sweep of liquid liner across the top lid and around the outer corners, but don't circle the whole eye.
you can put white eyeliner on the inside of your eye and also put the white eyeliner really thin on the top of your lip right where it curves in and then smug it. it makes your top lip appear larger. Lip gloss plumper as well.
draw more attention to the center of your eyes in lips.

for the eyes, put a little bit more eyeliner in the center.

and for the lips, add a little extra shine to the middle.
I think you can get some white eye liner and use it on the lower inside lid of your eye. This gives the impression that you have bigger eyes.

[NOT on the Rims - that will counteract the effect you want].

Light-coloured lip colours.

dont use eyeliner!

use mascara and only some powder liner on the top of your eyes.

for lips get some lipliner, and shiney lipgloss. =]
white eye liner on the inside bottom of your eye lid and fake eye lashes to give you longer lashes

use gloss in the middle of your lips to give them a plumper look
eyeliner and lip plumper
white eyeliner and curl eyelashes r eyes

and lips shiny clear lip gloss
Get in a fight.

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