Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why do some girls wear foundation on their lips?

i dont know if its happening at your school, but girls are now wearing foundation on their lips, i mean since when was foundation for lips?! lol its for your skin

does anyone else have this at their school, and does anyone know why?

the only reason i could think why they're doing it is because they want their lips to look paler, but i dont know really... any ideas?Why do some girls wear foundation on their lips?
Well it is used to go under lip gloss to keep it from 'bleeding' and to last longer. If it is used on lips without anything else it isn't flattering, makes you look like a corpse and will dry lips outWhy do some girls wear foundation on their lips?
Yes a few do it at my school,

but there is this group of lasses in the year below me,

and the use loooads on their lips, it looks terrible,

But i admit i sometime wear a bit of concealer on my lips,

because sometimes my lips look too red, and so the concealer makes them look a tad paler,

however i use clear lipgloss over, so my lips don't look dry,

because putting foundation/concealer on your lips make them look really dry!!

Omg!! They do it at my school too!!

It just looks stupid, but me and my friends were talking and discovered that on latest fashion shows, the models have been wearing really light beige coloured lipgloss, which looks good on them. But then when people try to copy it using foundation it just looks stupid. It makes their lips look dry and cracked because the foundation shows every single outline of their lips.

The lipgloss versions of pale lipgloss are good but foundation just takes the mick out of make-up tbh and those people who do it should not be allowed to wear make-up lol

Sorry if it's ranting a bit, but some girls can pull it off, but most of them just look silly.
Okay, if you apply it lightly, it can be a quick and easy nude lip, where you can top it with a nice nude or peach colored gloss and it looks gorgeous. But if someone applies it and it matches the rest of their face, they're mental.

Some use this as a base/primer so when they apply their lipstick it will have much better staying power, similar to filling in your lips with a nude/clear lipliner.
yh they do it at mine but they only do it becuase they have too much foundation on the brush or something

because sometimes i do it but then i add chap stick and it seems to stay on better maybe that's why but anyway

i add chaptick and then some shiny lipgloss stays on and looks fab

you should try it xx
Wearing foundation on your lips is fine, and can be done to simply give your lips a more neutral/skin tone appearance. OTherwise, this can be used to even out the lips first, and then be topped off by a coloured gloss. it is just personal preference.
hahaa I do it... So i guess im a retard :] lmao.... im kl with that thou i do it because my lips are really red... foundation tones them down to blend in more with my skin tone. i use aloe vera vaseline when im about to go to sleep, it's so us retards dont get dry lips :)
Using your foundation on your lips creates the nude lip that flatters you the best. Nude lips are really in this spring/summer and using your foundation to do it is cheap and easy.
pale lips are just more sexier! also it will take attention off your lips and more to your eyes! but you could always just buy a pale lipstick, because you know its for your lips not your skin. that what i do :]
its because sometimes pale lips can look much more sexy

and girls are just starting to like it nowadays (:
they'll be adding it too their teeth soon so it all blends in lol - no idea why they're doing it. possibly for the pale look like someone above said.
yea i see the same thing at my school. they want to go for the nude lips look. they dont realize that there are lip glosses that offer the nude look
If you put foundation on your lips then it makes your lipstick and lip gloss last longer.
That what happen to my school.
because their retards who want dry lips :)

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  1. Uhh, because some girls LIKE being light as they can be.
    I do.
    I think unnatural tans are quite awful looking, and on most girls, the nude lip look is great. We use foundation, because thats what models use on thers before the gloss.