Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How do u treat a burn on the lips?

My daughter ran into me while i had a hot pot in my hand. She was running through the house and ran into the kitchen into me. she is 5How do u treat a burn on the lips?
Just a cool washrag - no meds unless Dr tells you to. You can make it worse.How do u treat a burn on the lips?
I use a lip product called Blisteeze. It's wonderful pain relief and heals aswell.

Otherwise put some aloe vera on it. It works wonders.
put sum ice on it. leave it on there b4 it swells up n gets big n purple.
This stuff i s the best you can get it at any all natural store its called rose baum its awsome i live on the stuff its really good for burns and its all natural so she can use it.
Really, you should not put anything on a burn.
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