Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Burning sensation in lips due to allergies?

Does anyone know any cure/medication that I can use to get rid of a burning sensation in my lips? This is due to allergies because of the time of year again. I haven't found a chap stick or anything that works, and it's really beginning to hurt. Any help would be greatly appreciated!Burning sensation in lips due to allergies?
Use Arsenic Album 30 three doses a day for one day. Repeat it weekly for four weeks one dose a week. If it is an annual feature.

If the lip is bright red, dry and burning, use three doses of Sulphur 30.

There is no allergy. Your liver is slightly imbalanced, and both the medicines suggested are capable of correcting it. One dose is three globules.

with best wishes.

Medicines should be used in consultation with a homeo doctor.Burning sensation in lips due to allergies?
Yeah, I know what you mean but that's 'cause I'm allergic to ALL types of chapsticks besides Vaseline- which I recommend! What you do is basically put an ice pack over your lips for a while. It cools down that burning and feels good too :) That's the only remedy I use to help with the burning and put on Vaseline on my lips.

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