Sunday, April 25, 2010

When a girl bites her lower lips what does that mean?

i see this girl everyday and i've noticed she always bites her lower lip whenver i look at her. What does that mean?When a girl bites her lower lips what does that mean?
she's shy

she has dry lips

she has something on her lowlips

she likes you

she wants to ask you something

When a girl bites her lower lips what does that mean?
I am a lip biter, it's usually suppressing a smile, but when I was dating it could also mean I was interesting in a guy, now that I'm married it means I'm trying to look innocent and get away with something mean or just being a girl.
i bite my lip when i'm trying to think of what to say, when i'm confused, or when i'm just nervous.
it depends. if she just bites her lip it means she wants to kiss you, if she bites her lip and glances down it means she wants to eat you out.
She's visualizing you as her bottom lip. she wants to sink her teeth into you, thus killing you probably. Or she wants a good dicking.
she's shy, and so that she doesn't give away that she's into you, so bites her bottom lip to prevent from smiling!

Its also another thing that girls do to look hot/cute!
Hmm... Well I bite my lip when I have nothing to say and then usually the person I like will say something to me, and then I'll have something to say!
you make her nervous and she want you to talk to her


she wants you...bad

answer mine?;鈥?/a>
She's either concentrating, just nervous, nervous, or she likes you. Go over and talk to her.
She likes you, totally into you

I do that whenever i encounter d guy I like in my school or when he taps me and walks away
she wants you.

i do this when i c the guy i like also.

jst go up and tlk to herr .
she wants it, this is a sign from her and god that she would be the one to please you.
simply means she's picturing you naked..
She likes you and wants to kiss you.
dude... that means she's probably really into you, she's just too shy to show it or talk to you.
haha she's hungry.
She wants to kiss you.

Shes shy or really likes you
Its like sayin... I want that
I only do that when im turned on
she wants your and around her mouth.



its a habit or she's flirting
she gets horny when she sees u
that she is trying no t to smile cuz she likes u!
she wants to get nasty wit u

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