Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How old is to old for a young boy to kiss his dad on the lips.?

One morning while I was dropping my son off to school, I glance at the car ahead of my in the schools drop off zone and see what looks like a young boy between the age of 12 to 14 kiss a grown man on his lips before exiting the car. Assuming it was his dad, I didn't think it was anything perverted but did think he was a bit to old/ to big to still be kissing his dad on the lips.How old is to old for a young boy to kiss his dad on the lips.?
I had a son and a daughter and neither me nor their father ever kissed them on the lips not even as babies. If you don't start something then you don't have to worry when to stop it. A 12 year old is to old to be kissing his parents on the lips. I don't know why anyone would want to kiss their child on the lips anyway.How old is to old for a young boy to kiss his dad on the lips.?
Even as a mom, I would not kiss a school-aged child on the lips in front of the school. I would be worried he would get teased because some kids would think it was weird. In this case, it really is weird. Probably the dad expects this and that puts the kid in an unfortunate situation.
That's really too old and really really scary. But unfortunately it can be really normal in other cultures. So be careful before you jump to conclusions.

If you're really uncomfortable and something seems wrong I recommend telling the school as a precaution. Its would be easier to find out a its culture thing and be embarassed then to find later on that it was some sort of child abuse going on.
erm.... does that happen? It's a bit ewww if you ask me.

Too old is probably 1 days after it is born... Still an uncomfortable thought
Yes that's too weird even if it is his dad something's wrong here
I think 5 is the oldest a boy should be?
to old

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