Sunday, April 25, 2010

How do you keep lip gloss on your lips without smudging it?

Its an ongoing problem for all females. You can buy some makeup setters, but I understand that they're expensive. I ditched the gloss out of frustration and bought Burts Bees Honey Lip Balm. It gives a slightly glossy finish while looking real and hydrating. There is a gloss that was tested, it didn't wash off for two days! I don't remmber what it was called, but it's very expensive. My advice: Ditch the gloss unless for occasions when you wont be eating, drinking, or kissing, and buy a 4$ balm from Target. Good luck!How do you keep lip gloss on your lips without smudging it?
just try not to touch it with anything. and find a really good lip gloss that stays on longer. i find that putting foundation on your lips or something under the actual lip gloss (like chap stick) helps the lip gloss stay on longer as long as you dont touch it.How do you keep lip gloss on your lips without smudging it?
Well, lip gloss, by its very nature, will smudge pretty easily, especially if you chew or lick, or touch, etc., etc., your lips. My first thought was to put powder over the top of it once you put it on your lips, and that might still work, but then you wouldn't have the nice, moist lips that lip gloss gives you. If I were you, I would just resign myself to the fact that you will have to keep reapplying it throughout the day and try not to touch your lips, either with your hands or your lips themselves. That won't be easy if you have nervous habits, like a lot of us do. Maybe you need to think about switching from lip gloss to lipstick, which will stay on better and longer and not smudge as easily.
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