Friday, January 8, 2010

How do you get rid of chapped lips?

okay so i always have chapped lips!

i use chapstick alot! have tried vasoline!

and im drinking more water!

why are my lips still chapped?

also when my lips you know kind of scab up i pick it off cause it makes my skin on my lips smoother. cause onece you pick the peeling skin its smooth underneath! bet then it just gets chapped again! any suggestions?How do you get rid of chapped lips?
Don't pick the skin off your lip unless it's like a big piece hanging off. It just makes it worse.

Try using a moisturizing chap stick because it keeps your lips moisturized. Use it as often as you feel you need to.

Avoid situations where you are out in the cold as lower temperatures make it worse.

DO NOT lick them if they feel dry. Your saliva has acid in it that will make your lips chap more. Whenever you feel like licking them, put chap stick on them.

If none of this works, you may want to talk to a doctor or dentist.How do you get rid of chapped lips?
alright I used to have chapped lips nonstop I tried eveerything like you, the chapstick was useless, then i tried vaseline it worked well but stopped being very effective, here's what you need to do.

Your body is becoming dependant on vaseline and other chemicals to stay moist.

go a month and a half without using ANYTHING on your lips

it will be hard and your lips will hurt sometimes but trust me it will be worth it

After that limit your use of chapstick to 2 times a week. if you decide to use Vaseline instead of chapstick only allow yourself to use it once a week.

That should solve your issue, it solved mine.
Ah, perpetually chapped lips. Quite the frustrating ailment indeed. I one time saw this short film by Douglas Buck wherein a woman took a scouring pad to her mouth, viciously rubbing it back and forth for about 3 minutes until she had completely destroyed the skin-producing cells in her lips-- this may be a bit painful to do, but science, tried and true, suggests that you will no longer have to deal with the issue of chapped lips afterwards.
i tried vaseline. it didnt work. i know u said you used chapstick alot but what do you consider alot? my lips have been dry lately and i use chapstick and keep it in my pocket and put it on every 45 min to an hour. soemtimes i out it on cuz my lips get are dryat the moment. now they ar moist without me having to put it on constantly. i only have to put it on every other day or even 4 days and they still dotn get dry.
after you get out of the shower (like immediately), rub your lips with the towel to get all the dead, chapped skin off.

then instead of chapstick, use palmers cocoa butter swivel stick.

use it tons during the day. you can never use too much.

then before you go to bed, thats when you can put some vaseline or aquaphor on them.

oh and another thing.. dont lick them! it drys them out in the long run. just have that cocoa butter stick on you at all times lol

this is what i do and it fixed the problem :]

I've heard of people getting addicted to chapstick. If you use it too much your lips stop making their own moisture and you become dependent on the chapstick. That could be a myth tho I'm not a doctor.

If your lips are chapped ALL the time maybe you should see a doctor. It could be a sign of a medical condition or illness.
you need:



make sure you dont have anything on your lips,

then brush your lips like you would your teeth but be very gentle cuz

afterwords you'll feel numb.

do this preferably once a week.

i've tried it and i've never had such smooth lips b4 :)
it could be a lack of nutrients b/c pregnant women tend to have extra chapped lips b/c their baby takes all the nutrition to keep the skin on ur lips healthy and smooth so u might wanna pick up some vitamins on the way home one day and ur lips should be just fine
i recommend when you pick off your stabs to put chapped stick on it right away and at night right when you go to bed, and i mean a lot on since they're so chapped.

try different chap stick products, maybe that one just doesn't work for you.
while youre in the shower take a washcloth and rub your lips and most of that dead skin should come off. and when you get out put some like burts bees on it. ive always uses that but lately ive been using this aquafina stuff thats really good.
well you have to stop picking at it first, thats why its getting chap, try using carmex, and aplyin it to your lips. and leaving it there with out rubbin it in.and dont lick your lips thats the worst thing you can do
1. try not to lick your lips

2. use a lip balm better than chapstick (burts bees, vasoline..)

3. put A%26amp;D ointment on your lips before bed.

if none of this works

4. put a Humidifier in your room.
the more you pick or lick your lips the more chapped they get. that may be why they aren't being hydrated. Other than that, maybe drinking juice like cranberry juice could help. it did for me.
If the scab is a cold sore don't do that but just leave it be, put on chap stick and don't lick your lips.
dont pick off the scabs. wear chapstick alll the time and drink plenty of water and eat lots of vitamins and furits
Ive heard of this great new product called chapstick. =_=
Try a good moisturizing chap stick
Try not 2 touch your lips. Maybe 2 much citrus??
try coconut oil it works
wear chapstick 24/7
Vaseline works pretty well. I also like blistek.

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